04 January 2009

Christmas 2008 - Brisbane

Hello everybody,
Christmas 2008 was a brilliant! Being in the warmth again for christmas, after 7 years of snow and cold, is definitely the way I prefer it!!
Christmas for me this year was in Brisbane with my friends Johan and Sarah. The day itself was filled with a lot of nothing... a swim with Lilly at the beach, some card games, some hacky sack later we started cooking - a classic south african meal - consisting of vetkoek and mince for the main and koeksisters for dessert. YUM-YUM!!!!
What happened to my forehead? Well, that was a result of a lot of Christmas spirits... a good night out from what my friends tell me, until I started argueing with the pavement. I am pretty sure I won!!! :) All is well!!!!
I hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas! I am looking forward to hearing your stories.
All the best

Sarah loving the Xmas washing!

Xmas tree

Xmas pressie for Lilly

Xmas present for Johan

Xmas pressie for Johan and me :)

Xmas wounds :(

Xmas games...
...hacky sack.....

....dead duck.....

.........shithead (1).......

..........shithead (2)............

...........shithead (3)!

Xmas cocktails!
Xmas dinner
The Chefs...

The Rolling Pin....

The Mess....

The Plaiting...

Raw Koeksisters

Deep fry

Dunking in syrup

Yum-yum!!! Koeksisters and.......

...........Vetkoek !!!

F!X Restaurant -Christmas 2008

Me again,

Just a few pics to show you what my current workplace looks like when decked out for a X-mad function!!! (No spelling error, that's the way it was)

Melbourne - December 2008

Hi guys,

Long time no update.... SORRY!!!

These are some fotos I took in Melbourne in December when I was down there for a job interview. I will be returning to Melbourne in February so expect more pictures of the city then! Melbourne is supposed to be the cultural capital of Australia. I can see why, there are tons of pubs playing live music, street musicians, theaters etc. I am looking forward to exploring the city with all its alleyways and coffee shops more.

I hope you are all well and that 2009 will be a sucessful year for us all!!

Hugs and kisses


Captain Flinders - who gives a crap? Only seagulls!

Flinder's Street Station

Inside Saint Pauls Cathedral

Melbourne skyline


Trams are an important mode of transport around Melbourne



Chapel Street

Swanston Street