10 February 2008

Elbe Sandstone - June 2007

Situated very close to the historic city of Dresden, the Elbe Sandstone Mountains straddle the border between the state of Saxony in south eastern Germany and the Czech Republic. The name derives from the sandstone which was carved by erosion. The river Elbe breaks through the mountain range in a steep and narrow valley. A really beautiful region with lots of possibilities for rock climbing, hiking and cycling.

Actors: Mom-Münster, Aunty Ilse, Andrea, Frauke and me

The ladies on the "Kaiserkrone" - King's crown

View from the King's crown!

View over the Elbe from the "Bastei". These alone standing pinnacles are characteristic of the erosion which created the Elbe Sandstone Mountains

The "Bastei" (engl. Bastion) was the perfect fortress....

Nothing like a good meal after a hard days hiking! The best self catering accomodation on a farm with a beautiful garden for relaxing and a great view of the surrounding mountains.

Mom and me in Dresden

The "Frauenkirche" -probably Dresden's most famous church was recently reopened after being completely destroyed in WWII

Dresden skyline

Cycling along the.....

.....Elbe and into........

....the Czech Republic!!!

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Anny Nanny said...

Nice pics ;) hope you enjoyed the stay in Germany! I live in Cologne and will visit the Saxon Switzerland soon... cool that I got an impression what it's like now. Thanks!