30 November 2009

November 2009_ Great Ocean Road and Grampians

Hello everybody,

Here is a slideshow of the latest trip we did!!! We being Anna, Wilhelm (German friends of mine) and I :)

You have probably all heard of the Great Ocean Road... with its spectacular sandstone cliffs and islands, caves and blowholes. After a few days at the ocean we drove inland to an equally beautiful mountainous area known as the Grampians. Here we spent another few days hiking and enjoying breathtaking views.

Now leading up to Christmas I am looking forward to my mom and sister's arrival in Melbourne, a few days in Victoria will be followed by a short trip to Sydney and then on to New Zealand (South Island) where Frauke has been living for the last while.

Bearing this in mind and the low probability that I will be posting any fotos before the new year I wish you all a happy festive season and a good start to the new decade.

Keep well and take it easy



Frauke Munster said...

HI Pete! Looks like you had an excellent trip!! Great photos of spectacular scenery. Love Frauke

Anonymous said...

Amazing, rock formations remind me of Blyde Poort or is it the Cedarberg or both??? Your photos are really cool. Volker