18 January 2010

New Zealand -December 2009

WOW! Can you believe it is the second of February today! The first month of the new decade has flown by so fast and I still haven't managed to post these pictures!!! SORRY!!!

So, please excuse the "OLD" text... with good intentions.... because otherwise it may be another few months before you get to see these pictures!!

Here we go...

Happy New Year everybody!!!! I hope that 2010 is a wonderful, successful and exciting year!

My start to 2010 has definitely been exciting!!! The lead up to the new decade was UNBELIEVABLE....more about that later...

We celebrated into the new year with an incredible new years party at our house... seeing friends who I hadn't seen in ages, BBQing in torrential rain, feasting, drinking and later watching the fireworks over Melbourne from our balcony. What more could you ask for!!!

As I said 2010 has gotten off to an exciting start, uncertainty over my future in Australia dominates my preoccupation. Unfortunately the company I am working for still has not had a break through in finding a source of capital. As a result they cannot afford to sponsor my VISA which is obviously a requirement for me to stay in the country. As a result I have started applying for positions with other companies, but am afraid that time is not on my side for this process!

So, possibly after 2 amazing years down under I may be packing my bags again in search of new adventures....

WHAT WILL PETER DO???? Watch this space, he doesn't know himself yet :)

2010 is also the year that I have decided to get back into shape...well actually it started last year already. On Valentines Day I will be competing in my first triathlon...OH BOY! Crazy as it seems I am really looking forward to the event. YES, I have been training; NO I am not trying to break any records! Wish me luck :)

As mentioned earlier, the festive season this year was incredibly special!!

It started on 6 December when my mom and Andrea (my oldest sister) arrived in Melbourne. It's been almost 2 years since I last saw them and naturally this was a massive, happy, joyful reunion! We spent the following days seeing the sights of Melbourne...as well as waiting for my mom's baggage to arrive which got lost in transit...and then spent a day on the Great Ocean Road.

Departure Melbourne --> Sydney for a few days to visit family as well as some short day trips to Cronulla, the city and Manly by ferry (and a delicious lunch overlooking the water) and also to the Royal National Park where we did some bush walking.

.... and then.....


For anybody who has not been to this part of our beautiful planet....BOOK YOUR FLIGHTS NOW!!!!

We were incredibly spoiled by Frauke (driver and organiser) and her partner Peter (car lender and great guy) on our trip around the south island. I could not stop gaping at the spectacular beauty and diversity of the countryside we passed along our way. Not only the sheer beauty but also the rapid transitions between highland "desert" to glaciers surrounded by tropical rain forests. A volcano at Akaroa, enormous crystal clear lakes, rugged coastline with "Pancake Rocks", wine farms, gold mining towns, waterfalls, glow worms, fields and fields of Lupins and the ever present sheep!

Arriving at Te Anau Downs Station, Frauke's new home, we were welcomed in as though we belonged there already! Peter and his son Matt proudly showed us around their beautiful farm... WOW! I am sure they don't have it easy on such a massive farm, but having views like that on a daily basis must be good for the spirit :)

And then we got spoiled:

1) SURPRISE helicopter flight over Lake Te Anau and into the mountains. Having seen the snow from far below it was surreal to suddenly be standing amongst snow and ice! The perspective change over such a short time was incredible, and looking over the vastness of the southern alps and down onto Lake Te Anau... humbling!

2) Milford Sound as the starting point to a deep sea fishing trip! A spot that has to be considered one of the most spectacular places on earth was just the start to a fantastic day! First checking crayfish pods, then rods over the sides so that everybody could catch their dinner....naturally I caught the biggest fish on the day.... a grouper!!

As always the time went by far to quickly.I hope the fotos give you a small impression of how we experienced New Zealand and do the country justice.


I hope you are all well, I would love to hear from each and every one of you in 2010!!


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