05 April 2008

Car ,Surfboard and Stuff - April 2008

Hi there, me again....
Just a few pictures of my latest accessories....
Have a great weekend.
So here it is.....
a 1991 Mitsubishi Magna 2,6 liter station wagon!!!
Colour... something between gold and puke!
You decide and let me know....

...please also help me think of a name.... I was considering "THE TANK"? Anyway, it has roofracks, a towbar, alloy wheels (wow) and goes like a bomb (viz. "THE TANK")
What's that?

A Kangaroo Whistle!!

Supposed to emit high frequency whistle whilst driving to avoid the dents (as can be seen behind the whistle) by roos jumping into cars :-)

My "new" surfboard!

Board goes well, surfer is not so successful, YET!

Some goodies that I got with the board....

All that is really still missing is a tent.

But for now I don't need a tent because I am sure there is still space for me in there with all my new toys!


Anonymous said...

The car reminds me a bit of a Christmas Beetle...but that's a bit of long name for a car I guess. Happy travelling! Love Frauke

Anonymous said...

Helgs reckons this could be the PBM - Puke Bat Mobil (BM II) or German Staff Car II - remember my old blue station wagon, Phil had christened my GSC during varsity days.

From Karli: This could be the Backman Mobil or it can be Maddy Mustang. (Maybe Maddy Mustard would be better
From Maya: maya schickt ein :-)

Love us all