01 April 2008

Sydney - March/April 2008

Welcome to Australia....

After a great flight with QUANTAS..... recommendation to everybody chosing flights from now on.....via the South Pole (where we got to see the Aurora borealis) I arrived in Sydney on 28 March 2008.

The following day my gracious host Horst showed me the sights in Sydney including a trip over the harbour. The first picture is the Sydney skyline from the ferry we were on.

Sydney is cool in the way they have incorporated modern and colonial architechture. Literally, new building curve around old structures. This is the Museum of Sydney....haven't been in yet though!

What would you think of me if I didn't show you a picture of the Sydney opera?

So here it is in all its glory... funny story though, the architect was Danish and only got the contract by complete chance. In the end the building cost a fortune and required much longer to be built than expected. Still it is very impressive!!!

Another common sight on the Sydney waterfront is the Harbour Bridge...another funny story.... when it was planned, it was to be the longest single arch bridge in the world. Unfortunately they took so long to build, that by the time it was finished the Bayonne Bridge in New York had been built and was found to be 50cm longer.
"DOH!" -Homer Simpson

Other than these common sights we also walked passed the old customs house (pic), the houses of parliament, Sydney tower and Town Hall and went on to Manly and the Pacific Ocean for lunch (by ferry).

The other pictures were taken from the ferry over the harbour. Including Fort Denison which housed the worst criminals when Oz was being colonised.


North Head and the mighty Pacific...

South Head opening to the ocean, to the left Quarantine Bay... guess why?

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Anonymous said...

Cool photos! Good thing you invested in a camera (which looks like a decent one judging by the pics). Looking forward to seeing these sights live in a couple of weeks. Love Frauke