03 April 2008

Sydney - April 2008

Howdy MATES!!! Just a quick update....

These foties were taken whilst I was cruising around looking for a car. I think I have found my future vehicle and will post some pictures as soon as I have it in my posession!

I hope you are all well

Lots of love


Suburban Sydney at the harbour.... Suburb called Mossman....very expensive!!!

Mossman Bay... Nice though since even though you are in the middle of a city there is a lot of natural vegetation around and beatiful bush walks around the bays.
View over central Sydney from Cremorne Point with skyline, opera and bridge...
Some or other pretty flower...no idea what they are called!!!
Wildlife... The spider was about 10cm long!!! Its web had a diameter of about 1meter. You don't necessarily want to walk into one of these webs!! ...Also no idea what they are called...
More wildlife.... bird in flower.... guess what, I have no idea what the bird is called. The flower is a strelitzia! WOW :-)

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