17 April 2008

Post Stephens and more... - April 2008

Hi Guys,

The latest update consists of pictures taken since I left Sydney.....

First night in the car was spent near Newcastle...not much to report about that since Newcastle is a industrial town. Had a nice surf at Bar Beach though...

At the moment I am at a beautiful backpackers at a place called "1-Mile Beach" near Anna Bay and Port Stephens. This is a really amazing bay with an incredible beach and super surf! Port Stephens is a natural harbour about 2x the size of Sydney harbour. Anna Bay is reknowned for the worlds largest moving sand dunes!!

This is also an account for the first wildlife I have seen... please note I have also seen koalas and possums (difficult to take fotos of these guys...but I will keep trying)

I hope this latest update finds you all well, healthy and happy!!!

Bar Beach - Near Newcastle

View over the entrance to Port Stephens from the Nelson Bay lighthouse

Shoal Bay in Port Stephens from Tomaree Head

View to Boondelbah Nature Reserve from Tomaree Head

View to Shark Island from Tomaree Head

Sunset over 1-Mile Beach

Sulphur Crested Cockatoos (Cacatua Galerita)

Owl..... no idea what type :)

Kangaroo baby "Josie" at Melalueca Backpackers 1-Mile Beach
.... definitely come here if you are visiting Oz

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